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Since 1978 Waves has offered the finest and largest selection of vintage radios, televisions, telephones, windup phonographs and lots of other unique items.

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I looked around for ages to find a place that would repair my broken KLH Model 21. Most places told me they wouldn’t repair anything made before 1970 so I turned to the forums, which is how I found this place.

Charlotte at Waves took in my busted radio and two weeks later gave me back a machine that was even better than it was before. It sings, talks, hums, and the knobs were cleaned to boot. An A+ experience.

Dustin C. / Basel, Switzerland

Ah nostalgia, some psychologists treat it like a disease, and looking at some of the crap in my home I agree.  And yet, I say, “Prepare yourself for a dusty trip back in time.”  Take a Zyrtek, put on the $.99 respirator that you’ve kept unused since 9/12 and go take a look at this place. Its worth it!

Waves has some pretty cool antique technology, Radios, TVs, wind up phonographs, 8-tracks.  Some are absolutely beautiful and others… well lets just say they would have been better off left in the attics they were probably resurrected from.

John B. / Brooklyn, NY

I wanted to restore a 1948 GE radio. Bruce was polite and efficient  in analyzing the problem The two-week target date for repair was met. Not only did he repair the inside, but he restored the outside as well.

You would benefit using him for your radio repairs and also looking  into buying from his shop.He has a lot of fascinating vintage items

Judy T. / Manhattan, NY

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